Intake funnel set, aluminum, for Lancia Fulvia

Intake funnel set, aluminum, for Lancia Fulvia

Product no.: HRW-02-23-0903

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149.00 / set(s)
Price incl. VAT, plus delivery
1 piece(s) = 37.25 €

1 piece(s) = 37.25 €

Intake funnel set for Lancia Fulvia, all models

The different length is exactly to the differing length of the intake ports in the cylinder head of the Fulvia. As a result, the oscillating air columns are the same length, which results in performance-enhancing.

Four pieces aluminum intake funnels, 2 x Ø40x15, 2 x Ø40x75, for Weber 40 DCOE

Aluminum intake funnel to screw on - not for insertion!
Diameter 40mm, length 15 and 75mm.

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