Forged pistons for Lancia Fulvia

Forged pistons for Lancia Fulvia

Product no.: HRW-01-23-1111
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Forged pistons for Lancia Fulvia

Standard diameter: ø 77
possible oversize: ø 77.5 - 78.0
Standard diameter: ø 80
possible oversize: ø 80.5 - 81.0

Diameter standard: ø 82
possible oversize: ø 82.5 - 82.8 - 83.0

Equipped with piston rings and piston pin.

We offer these special pistons (dome pistons) of an Italian manufactory for the 1300ccm and 1600ccm Fulvia engine, also in the necessary oversizes. On for the displacement increase to 1400ccm we the corresponding pistons. Due to the raised piston crown an increase in compression (11.5: 1-12.0: 1) is achieved.


Product Note Status Price
1400 cc cylinder block, honed 1400 cc cylinder block, honed
Forged piston 1400ccm Forged piston 1400ccm
291.00 *
Forged piston 1600ccm Forged piston 1600ccm
291.00 *
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