About us

About us

About us

Exactly 50 years after the Lancia Fulvia Coupé was unveiled at the Turin car salon in 1965, two Lancia enthusiasts decided to give a new home to historic vehicles of the brand - as well as other classic sports cars from Italy and Germany. They started the project HISTORIC RACING WORKS on 1 July 2015 on the site of the Dittmann car factory in Berlin-Wittenau.

We are concerned about the consultation, the preservation and the trade with classic cars from Italy and Germany. The construction of race and sports cars of the Lancia brand takes a special place. The Lancia brand has a great potential, but this is still undervalued in Germany. HISTORIC RACING WORKS wants to give the reputation of this technically advanced brand a new look. We do this by letting the Fulvia become more and more visible again
on the German race circuits. At the same time, we would like to support our customers with usful race and performance parts.

The team around Historic Racing Works has participated in the Historic Racing Circus in Germany since 2014, currently the Dunlop FHR Endurance Cup.

All the parts you may purchase here, we are happy to build you in our own workshop in Berlin! We have a nationwide trailer-service for your car. In addition, we are also available for larger projects and racing and rally cars. Just ask us or takel a look at our projects in our blog

NEW: Trade: On 01.01.2019 we have integrated the well-known company Emporio Ricambi by Hans-G. Eberhardt into our business. So we can now be a large and competent dealer for all Fulvia parts. In addition, we also offer parts for the Lancia Flavia or other 60s models of the Lancia brand. Please ask (F +49 4532 283 49 02 | if you are looking for parts that you do not (yet) find here in the shop.

See you soon, yours

Marc Eberhardt, Hans-Georg Eberhardt & Dietmar Mühr