We are one of the largest Lancia and Fulvia spare parts dealers from Germany with an experience of nearly 20 years! (In early 2019 we incorporated the in Germany well renowned and pioneering business of Hans-G. Eberhardt, "Emporio Ricambi" here.)

Our Web-Shop contains a growing number of spare parts for the Lancia Fulvia of the first and second series. Shortly will be added to spare parts for the Lancia Flavia too.

We also work for you on the development of race-parts for the Lancia Fulvia - tested by us and our customers in tough use at endurance races and rallies.

In the slideshow above you can see projects from our Berlin workshop. This makes us unique: Workshop, Spare Parts and Race Service under one brand:

Electric fuel pump, conversion kit, Fulvia all

Product no.: HRW-03-0895

If you're already thinking about the first turn of the ignition lock at the beginning of the season with horror: Fuel pump with built-in fuel pressure regulator, stainless steel closing plate for mechanical fuel pump, gasket, fuel hose, cable, instructions enclosed.

157.00 / set(s) *
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Delivery period: 7 working days

New Brake Tuning Kit, Fulvia - 2nd Series

Product no.: HRW-12-5000

If you want to further improve the already good brake of the Fulvia for the sporty application! The Brake Tuning Kit contains: 4 pieces brake discs, perforated and grooved and 2 set of sports brake pads, green (front/rear, Fulvia 2nd series).

589.00 / set(s) *
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New Fan-Shirt "CD 28", heather gray, organic cotton

Product no.: HRW-24-1028

Our latest Historic Racing Works T-Shirt "CD 28" is now available for all friends. The shirt comes in a mottled silver gray with imprinted rim contour and the beautiful Historic Racing Works logo in the area of the cuff and on the shoulder, sizes M, L and XL.

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Delivery period: 14-21 working days

Fog light Carello Polaris, original, Fulvia Montecarlo

Product no.: HRW-14-1051

Absolute "Rarity": Set of original fog light Carello Polaris for Montecarlo

825.00 / set(s) *
1 piece(s) = 412.50 €
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Sport Air Filter Set for twin carburettor systems

Product no.: HRW-02-23-0206

OUR BESTSELLER. Sport air filter set for the Solex dual carburettor: Special, lightweight aluminum base plate and ITG "Megaflow Performance" air filter. "Plug and Play".
©Historic Racing Works

146.00 *
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Delivery period: 2-3 working days

Racing sports alternator, installation kit

Product no.: HRW-14-23-0172

Smaller, lighter, stronger: race alternator. Against space and performance-problems in the Fulvia engine bay.
©Historic Racing Works

from 313.98 / set(s) *
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Delivery period: 1-3 working days

Single leaf spring, rear axle

Product no.: HRW-11-01-006

Makes faster: The harder one-leaf spring. Lowering from 60 to approx. 75 mm and improving the rear axle of Fulvia. Self-lubricating NYLATRON bushes or Powerflex bushes.
© Historic Racing Works

697.30 / set(s) *
1 piece(s) = 348.65 €
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Delivery period: 7 working days

New Alloy radiator, with brand fan, Fulvia - all

Product no.: HRW-05-23-0209

For hot summers: The HRW Alukühler model 2019 developed by us, with Spal-Lüfter for the Fulvia first and second series, significantly revised.
© Historic Racing Works

549.00 *
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Wishbone bushings, lower, Nylatron, Fulvia 1st & 2nd series

Product no.: HRW-10-23-0174

For precise guidance and optimized handling: hard wishbone bushings, lower, suitable for Lancia Fulvia 1st & 2nd series; made of nylon with molybdenum, self-lubricating, black.
© Historic Racing Works


299.00 / set(s) *
1 piece(s) = 74.75 €
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Delivery period: 7 working days

cylinder block, 1400 cc, honed, Fulvia -all

Product no.: HRW-01-00-0594

For the ultimate tuning: Lancia Fulvia V4 cylinder block, drilled/honed, 1.4 l
Bore 80 mm. (On request, in exchange for a standard cylinder block)

Delivery period: 30 working days

Forged pistons set, for Lancia Fulvia

Product no.: HRW-01-23-0414-1

Increase compression with dome pistons: Forged pistons, equipped with piston rings and piston pins. Special piston for compression increase for the 1.3L, 1.4L and 1.6L Fulvia engine, also in oversizes.

1,164.00 / set(s) *
1 piece(s) = 291.00 €

Head Gasket 1400cc, Fulvia - 1,4L

Product no.: HRW-01-04-0125

Custom-made for the Lancia 1.4L: Lancia Fulvia V4 cylinder head gasket 1400 ccm, bore 80 mm.

80.00 *
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Delivery period: 5 working days

Starter-motor, Race, Fulvia - 2nd series

Product no.: HRW-14-0343

Light Racing-Starter: for all Lancia Fulvia models with 5-speed gearbox.
The starter motor has a weight of only 2.7 kg versus 5.5 Kg at the serial starter.

319.00 *
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Delivery period: 3-14 working days

Wire harness, Fulvia - 1.3L, 2nd series

Product no.: HRW-14-15-0175

Crafted by hand and on order: Original wiring harnesses are currently not available for the Fulvia. That's why we set out to build the wiring harness by hand.

1,310.00 / set(s) *

Delivery period: 30 working days

Alloy wheel Cromodora CD28

Product no.: HRW-13-0161

The most successful aluminum rims on which the Fulvia has ever been driven: Cromodora CD28, alloy wheel, 6x14 ", silver, with hump.

187.00 *

Delivery period: 14 working days

steel rim, low bed, 5.5 x 14", Fulvia - 1st series

Product no.: HRW-13-02-0428

If you really want beautiful rims: These rims in beige look very well on a first series coupe, a Zagato but also a Berlina. Steel rim, low bed, 5.5 x 14 ", small series.
© Historic Racing Works

393.00 *
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Delivery period: 1-3 working days

Racing Seat Sparco w. FIA Homologation

Product no.: HRW-17-23-0353

Fits well in the Fulvia race car: This narrow FIA homologated seat is the only one that fits into the coupe. The seat has been installed in many cars of ours, is very comfortable with the seat rails developed by us and allows a good seating position.

234.00 *

Delivery period: 7 working days

Seat consoles for racing seats

Product no.: HRW-17-23-0165

Custom-made steel console for racing seats: Seat consoles made of 3mm sheet steel, mounted on the original Fulvia seat rails, can be combined with most bucket seats with lateral attachment.
© Historic Racing Works

69.00 / pair(s) *
1 piece(s) = 34.50 €
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Delivery period: 7 working days

Bucket Seat OMP Classic

Product no.: HRW-17-02-002

Period correct and modeled after the Fusina seat of the 60s: comfortable bucket seat for the classic, street-bound Fulvia, imitation leather cover with corded seat, including headrest.

273.00 *

Delivery period: 7 working days

Lexan window, complete set

Product no.: HRW-16-23-0019

Made in Berlin for the Fulvia-racecar: Frameless side windows, rear window and rear triangle pulleys made of unbreakable Lexan, approved and with test stamp.

420.00 / set(s) *
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Delivery period: 7 working days

Brake pads, green, Fulvia 2.Series (front)

Product no.: HRW-12-07-0218

Aramid brake pads for more braking power: Brake pads for Fulvia 2.series (front axle) for Girling brake system. By the green coating mixture a significant improvement of the braking force is achieved.

109.18 / set(s) *
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Delivery period: 3 working days

Race brake pads, yellow, Fulvia 2.Series (front)

Product no.: HRW-12-0220

Who needs maximum braking power: Racing brake pads, yellow, for high-performance use on the road and on the race track. This brake pad mix is based on aramid fibers. The enormous working range (up to 900 ° C) allows the use on the road as well as on the racetrack.

191.64 / set(s) *
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Delivery period: 3 working days

Flywheel, light weight, Fulvia - 2nd series

Product no.: HRW-01-23-0124

Fast revving possible: Lightweight flywheel made of forged chrome-molybdenum steel, dynamically balanced, with integrated sprocket.

489.00 *
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Delivery period: 3 working days

Race Camshafts

Product no.: HRW-01-23-0404

Better Filling, Higher Speed: Racing camshafts offer a significant increase in performance at high engine speeds and guarantee higher horsepower in the speed range relevant to a competition car.

940.00 *
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Delivery period: 2 working days

Electronic ignition for Lancia Fulvia

Product no.: HRW-15-23-0158

Maintenance-free high-tech in the original distributor design: The 123-ignition is a contactless, electronic ignition system, which is installed directly in the ignition distributor.

from 336.77 *
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Delivery period: 7 working days

Intake funnel set, aluminum, for Lancia Fulvia

Product no.: HRW-02-23-0903

Intake funnel set for Weber 40 DCOE: The different length is adapted to the differing length of the intake ports in the cylinder head to increase the performance of the Fulvia.

149.00 / set(s) *
1 piece(s) = 37.25 €

Delivery period: 10 working days

New Alloy radiator (without fan), Fulvia - all

Product no.: HRW-05-23-0134

Our HRW aluminum radiator without fan - Model 2019: It has become slightly smaller, so there is more space around the radiator available - with the same performance.
© Historic Racing Works

449.00 *

Water pump, Fulvia - all

Product no.: HRW-05-9838

Life-sustaining: The water pump of the Fulvia often destroys itself by corrosion with longer standing. With seal, new.

120.00 *
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New Head Gasket, Fulvia - all

Product no.: HRW-01-1250

In all variants: The characteristic cylinder head gasket of the Lancia Fulvia V4 engine we provide for all engine capacities and in many width, normal and for increased compression (racing).

from 28.00 *
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Exhaust set, complete, Fulvia - Coupé 1,3L + 1,6L

Product no.: HRW-04-5107-2

Italian brand exhaust system in OEM quality, ready to install, original fit. Manifold, bifurcated tube, middle silencer and rear silencer.

Delivery period: 3-7 working days

Exhaust rear silencer with HF tailpipe, Fulvia - Coupé 2nd series

Product no.: HRW-04-9855

For the super sound! Rear silencer for Fulvia Coupé 2nd series, with HF tailpipe, Ø 45mm, Italian brand exhaust, ready to install.

65.00 *
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Lexan side window w. sliding window, Fulvia - coupe

Product no.: HRW-16-23-0014

Effective Weight Slimming: Frameless side windows w. sliding window made of the unbreakable plastic Lexan, left or right. Also available for rear- and triangular side-window. The plastic screens are of course approved and provided with the obligatory test stamp ("wave stamp").
Product © Historic Racing Works

132.00 *
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Delivery period: 7 working days

New Seat brackets - Fulvia - HF and Montecarlo

Product no.: HRW-17-1232

To reproduce a true-to-original Fulvia HF interior (or the Fulvia Montecarlo special model): HF seat consoles made of steel U-profiles, with matching mounting plates and welded-in flanges (primed, for welding in). Only fitting with the original HF seats.

448.00 / Kit(s) *
1 piece(s) = 112.00 €
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Delivery period: 5-10 working days
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